Affiliate marketing – The benefits of writing and publishing your book

Writing and publishing your own book has never been as easy as it is, now days. You can  type up and edit your own book in your word processor then upload it to a print on demand server pod and then your what is self publishing can be ready for shipping to the world in  a couple of weeks or even less.

With your own book, now this can be a great way to position yourself an expert in a particular field. The magic is when you are able to send your clients an autographed copy of your own latest book.

You will gain instant credibility in their eyes. Of cause your status becomes elevated. This can mean that people are more likely to do business with you. As you know there is little doubt that successful people always want to surround themselves with other successful people. By having a book this goes a long way to showing them that you are successful.

This also gives you prestige and that you are now an author. You are now an author. If you are to write a book but you are limited with time and the patience the there are alternatives and options.

– you could dictate the book and then get it transcribed from a transcription service or go to somewhere like or and pay them to do it. There are a large number of places online where to have this done.

– Another way is to have a ghost writer write it for you this can be done relevantly cheap now days. Make sure you check there sample work and you are happy with it, if you choose to go this route.

– What about holding yourself or some other experts and recording it and then getting it transcribed and edited into a book.

– gather together other experts in your field and they can contribute a chapter or two for your book.

– chase and find other experts asking to interview them and compile that content in to your book.

– Another place is taking books that are in the public domain and then updating them and releasing them as a book. Be careful with public domain and check and make sure you have all of the legal stuff covered, this can be tricky sometimes.

– Now you can see, that is fairly easy to get a book done with very little cost and time.

– make sure that the material subject is relevant and will fill a need.

Your book will also become a lead generation tool as well as a bonus for your products and a back-end item for your sales funnel.

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